Wall/Ceiling Fans

  • Manrose-XFLP-Low-Profile
    MANROSE® Pro-Series XFLP Low Profile Fans
    Used where the bathroom is on an external wall, or on the ceiling when there is no space for an in-line fan above the ceiling.
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  • Manrose-XF-Classic
    MANROSE® Classic XF Fans
    These fans are designed to be ducted straight through an exterior wall and are efficient and easy to install. These axial fans have been upgraded with ball bearing motors to prolong the life of the motor.
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  • Manrose-XFS-Commercial
    MANROSE® Classic XFS Fans
    Designed for wall or ceiling mounting, these 230mm and 300mm models are efficient and easy to install.
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  • Vent-Axia-Silhouette-100
    Lo-Carbon Silhouette® 150 Wall/Ceiling Mounted Fans
    Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon long life motors last considerably longer than conventional motors whilst delivering up to 67% in energy savings.
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  • whisper_vent_fans
    WhisperVent Ceiling Fans
    Designed for apartments or multi storey offices where space is limited, these ceiling mounted fans can be installed in confined spaces. The centrifugal fan design is 'whisper quiet' in operation.
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  • multi-vent-fans
    MANROSE® Classic Multi-Vent Fans
    Designed for apartments where space is limited, with a choice of wall or ceiling mounted system. These Models include centrifugal fans with a choice of three in-built speed settings depending on the performance required.
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  • Manrose-Wall-Fan-Classic
    MANROSE® Classic CF Wall Fans
    Designed to move air over long distances. The centrifugal fan design provides efficient airflow and quiet operation.
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