Bells and Buzzers Wired

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    • Bells and Buzzers will sound continuously for as long as the button is pushed.
    • These Bells and Buzzers can not be wired in parallel with a chime.
    • Bell-in-one must be run off batteries (2 x D).
    • Minibuzzer and Underdome bell can only be transformer operated (CHM0024).
    • 1 year product warranty.

  • Bells and Buzzers - Wired
    D182 Click to zoom
    Model NumberDescriptionOrder Code
    D182Minibuzzer 8VACCHM0011
    D792Underdome Bell 8VACCHM0013
    D902Bell-in-One 3VDCCHM0014

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    Technical Data


    Bells and Buzzers D182 - Minibuzzer D792 - Underdome D902 - Bell-in-one
    Voltage 8VAC 8VAC 3VDC
    Signal 1 Buzzer Bell Bell
    Batteries n/a n/a 2 x (D)
    (not included)
    Transformer CHM0024 or
    CHM0024 or
    Sound Level dB@1m 90 85 80


    Wiring Connections   D902 D792, D182
    Battery Operation Push 1 0 + 1  
    Transformer Transformer   *
    Operation Push 1   *