MANROSE® Classic Extract-a-LED Fan Kits

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    • 3W LED lamp with driver is over 80% more energy efficient then the halogen Extract-A-Lite.
    • The high efficiency in-line fans are designed to provide higher levels of extraction for larger bathrooms and include a stylish LED downlight.
    • Designed so that they can be mounted directly above your steam source, i.e. shower or bath.
    • LED driver included in the kit to operate the 12V LED.
    • Supported by a 5 year warranty.
    • Check out flyer below for the new 150mm Black Grille Selections
  • Extract-a-LED Models
    FAN5369_LED Click to zoom
    Metric SizeModel No.Switching MethodColourPerformanceOrder Code
    100mmEL100SStandardWhite Bezel31l/s, 110m3/hrFAN5373
    100mmEL100TTimerWhite Bezel31l/s, 110m3/hrFAN5374
    125mmEL125SStandardWhite Bezel36l/s, 130m3/hrFAN5371
    125mmEL125TTimerWhite Bezel36l/s, 130m3/hrFAN5372
    150mmEL150SStandardWhite Bezel109l/s, 394m3/hrFAN5369
    150mmEL150TTimerWhite Bezel109l/s, 394m3/hrFAN5370

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  • Accessories for Extract-a-LED Models
    dct3209-dct4255 Click to zoom
    Metric SizeDescriptionOrder Code
    100mmChrome DiffuserDCT3204
    100mm White DiffuserDCT3205
    125mmChrome DiffuserDCT3206
    125mmWhite DiffuserDCT3207
    150mmChrome DiffuserDCT3208
    150mmWhite DiffuserDCT3209
    150mmBlack DiffuserDCT4255
    -LED Lamp 3W MR16 25 Degrees LHT0221
    -LED Driver 12VDC 1A FAN5342

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    All diffusers listed above include the lamp and driver (DCT3204 - DCT3209 and DCT4255).