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MANROSE® Classic Shower Fan Kits

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    • 150mm models now with over 50% installed performance
    • Upgraded with a circular interior grille
    • With the fan mounted in the ceiling space, these in-line models are able to draw steam directly from source
    • Ball bearing motors will prolong the life of the motor
    • Supported by a five year warranty
  • MANROSE® Classic Shower Fan Kits
    FAN0101-Hyper150 Click to zoom
    Metric SizeModel No.Switching MethodColourPerformanceOrder Code
    100mmSF100SStandardWhite23l/s, 85m3/hrFAN0017
    100mmSF100TTimerWhite23l/s, 85m3/hrFAN0018
    100mmSF200SStandardWhite31l/s, 110m3/hrFAN0328
    100mmSF200TTimerWhite31l/s, 110m3/hrFAN0329
    125mmSF125SStandardWhite36l/s, 130m3/hrFAN0064
    125mmSF125TTimerWhite36l/s, 130m3/hrFAN0065
    150mmSF150SStandardWhite109l/s, 394m3/hrFAN0101
    150mmSF150TTimerWhite109l/s, 394m3/hrFAN0102

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