Alaskon Commercial HVAC

AlaskonCommercial HVAC

  • EC Axial Fans
  • EC Centrifugal Fans
  • Commercial Fans
  • Heat Recovery
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NOVA 2000 & 2800  LED Bulkheads

NOVA 2000 & 2800 LED Bulkheads

Provide 24 solutions in a single fitting

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BARON LED Bollards


Unique Curved Design

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CONTINUOUS  Extract Selection

CONTINUOUS Extract Selection

  • Homestar Products - Genius and MultiVent
  • Hyper150EC Fan and Fan Kit
  • Blue Jet
  • IntelliVent
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MultiVent Continuous Extract Ventilation

MultiVentContinuous Extract Ventilation

The Apartment Extract Solution

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New Products

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Apr 01, 2024


Introducing the new every day PIR sensors from SIMX Lighting, Trinity PRO and Smart Sense PRO, sporting many more features than you would expect from a humble exterior sensor. [...]

Recycled Grey Material for Our Ducting System
Aug 10, 2023

Recycled Grey Material for Our Ducting System

With our continued drive towards improving indoor air quality sustainably, we are delighted to inform you that we have sourced a grey recycled material for our 204x60 ducting connectors, which now join the ducting lengths, moving them from a white to a grey colour. [...]

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