Grilles, Diffusers and Ducting


  • roof-flashing
    Roof Flashings
    Roof flashing, Tiledek roof flashing, HDPE tube and stitching screws (for roof fastening)
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  • DCT0714_DCT0715_DCT0716
    Floor Boots
    Poly boot manufactured from high density polyethylene used to attach ducting to a floor register or other grille.
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  • DCT2075-DCT2076_
    Inline and sock filters for home ventilation systems.
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  • duct-tape-strap
    Duct Tape, Duct Strap and Hanging Strap
    Various tape adhesives, duct straps for 100-150mm diameter duct and hanging straps.
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  • manrose-insect-mesh
    MANROSEĀ® Insect Mesh
    Insect mesh suitable for 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm and 250mm grilles
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