Grilles, Diffusers and Ducting

Grilles and Diffusers

  • DCT2141
    MANROSE® Designer Stainless Steel Diffusers
    Stainless steel, Grade 304 -high quality finish for internal use.
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  • DCT4314
    Black Grilles - Moulded
    Simply Black
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  • DCT4069
    MANROSE® Designer Aluminium Grilles
    Quality anodised aluminium grilles in 3 grille sizes. Intake and return air applications.
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  • DCT2145
    MANROSE® Gravity Wall Grilles
    Designer Series Gravity Grilles. Gravity Grilles.
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  • SS_Weatherproof_Cowl
    MANROSE® Weatherproof Cowls
    Weatherproof options for general use or adverse weather conditions
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  • Door_Relief_Air_Grille_WEB
    Door Relief Air Grilles
    Door Relief Air Grilles, available in a wide range of sizes.
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  • DCT2157
    MANROSE® Weatherproof Dome Cowls
    Designed for exhaust and supply ventilation
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  • DCT2208
    MANROSE® Low Profile Flat Ceiling Diffusers
    Designed to supply air into your home, by pushing the air along the ceiling and down the walls. Included in Smart-Vent Home Vent
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  • eco-ceiling-diffuser
    MANROSE® ‘ECO’ Ceiling Diffusers
    Designed for either supply or extract ventilation
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  • DCT1472
    Cone Ceiling Diffusers
    Designed for either supply or extract ventilation
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  • unijet-ceiling-diffuser
    UNIJET Ceiling Diffusers
    Designed to push supply air into the room as shown
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  • DCT2236
    MANROSE® Square Wall/Ceiling Grilles
    Designed for bathroom extraction that blends into any decor
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  • circular-wall-ceiling-grille
    MANROSE® Round Wall/Ceiling Grilles
    Concentric circular grilles designed for extraction - including a new 150mm black grille
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  • LP_Square
    MANROSE® Low Profile Wall/Ceiling Grilles
    Low Profile eggcrate design improves airflow in extraction applications
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  • multi-spigot-grilles
    MANROSE® Multi-Spigot Grilles
    Designed for versatility - simply cut spigot to size
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  • fixed-louvre-grilles
    MANROSE® Fixed Wall/Ceiling Grilles
    Removable insert for easy cleaning.
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  • fixed-louvre-vents
    MANROSE® Wall/Ceiling Plate Grilles
    Designed for use when make-up air is required
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  • plate-grilles
    MANROSE® Wall/Ceiling Plate Grilles
    For situations where no spigot is required
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  • weatherproof-louvre-grille
    Simx Weatherproof Louvre Grilles
    Designed for external ventilation
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  • Mushroom_Side
    Simx Floor Registers - Side Flow Poly
    Manufactured from V2 fire rated high impact polycarbonate
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  • kick-rail-floor-registers
    Simx Floor Registers - Side Flow Metal
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  • floor-register-front-flow-poly
    Simx Floor Registers - Front Flow Poly
    Manufactured from V2 fire rated high impact polycarbonate
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  • 1ext_rnd_Louvre_grille
    MANROSE® External Round Louvred Grilles
    Grilles for use in exterior locations in applications involving solid tube ducting.
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  • door-grilles
    MANROSE® Door Grille
    Door grilles allows the flow of make-up air into a room without leaving a the door.
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  • DCT2634
    SW-2T Swirl Diffusers
    Swirl diffuser with fixed radially arranged air control blades, providing a high induction vortex air flow.
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  • SLLS_600mm_-_SLOT
    Wall Slot Diffusers
    Linear ceiling diffuser can be used in T-bar ceiling suspension system & other ceiling types as well.
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  • DCT0792_DCT0468_DCT0793_DCT0794
    CD2000 One Piece 4-Way Diffusers
    One piece four way diffuser available in various sizes.
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    One Piece Plaque Diffusers
    One piece plaque diffuser in pressed aluminium.
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  • T-_Model_FINAL
    One Piece 4-Way Diffusers
    Pressed aluminium and powder coated white, these one piece diffusers ensure smooth airflow due to no joins on the fitting.
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  • DCT2020_double_deflection
    Double Deflection Wall Diffusers
    Wall diffusers manufactured in high quality aluminium and powder coated white, available with either a fixed or removable core.
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  • DCT1989
    Eggcrate Return Grilles
    A range of return grilles in eggcrate design.
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  • LRGF_grilles_WEB
    Louvre Return Air Grilles
    Louvre return air grilles, available in both fixed core and removable core models
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  • DCT3566_DCT3636
    Ceiling Mounted Grilles
    Grilles mounted on the ceiling with a removable core.
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  • DCT0729_DCT0805
    Uni Louvre Return Grilles
    Available with filter media or without.
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