Lighting and Sensors


  • OFR
    Esylux OFR/AFR Floodlights
    Non dazzling light thanks to rear projection technology. European design at its best.
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  • LHT1083_ROBO_LED_02
    Robo LED Robotic Security Sensor
    When presence is detected across a large area, ROBO LED will automatically switch on, and then the floodlight will follow the movement, so the light will always be aimed at where it is needed.
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  • LHT1089_Chameleon_Black_-_no_bracket
    Chameleon Floodlights
    Select LED colour temperature to suit application
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  • LHT0214_cut
    Flood LED
    Suitable for most commercial and industrial floodlighting applications, the 110° beam precision optics offer wide spacing. Optimised thermal fins provide a customised heat dissipation solution to maximise LED lamp life, saving on running costs and maintenance.
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  • Reflect-LED-30W-White
    Reflect LED
    Unique rear-projection technology brings a new standard to floodlighting, using a high polished reflector to maximise light yield.
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  • Mightylite-PIR-Black
    MightyLite LED Perimeter Floodlights
    New generation security lighting, suitable for commercial and domestic applications. Slender compact design with energy efficient LEDs in PIR and non PIR models
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  • MightyLite-Solar-Kit
    SunSynk MightyLite Solar
    A compact off-grid floodlight system that gives you full control over a wide range of lighting settings. The system also monitors battery charge level to determine what it can do in providing light all night.
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