Lower glare solution to traditional Hibays optics

Lower glare solution to traditional Hibays optics

A unique and impressive range of Hibay models is now available from Simx. Named HI-PANEL, this linear range is at the forefront of extra high output luminaires, with dimming drivers as standard, and supplied ready to install.

“The construction quality impressed me first, but the technical performance was hard to ignore” explains John Braggins, Market Manager for Lighting at Simx.

“With 130 lumen per watt output, this has moved Hibay efficiency to a new level. Using the on-board 1-10VDC dimming also offers the building owner with an almost utopian result in energy control”

The HIPANEL range is stocked in 150w and 200w models, with options up to 300w (a whopping 39000 lumens) available on indent for larger project work. “Reducing payback time is often the key in the transition to LED products,” says Braggins. “1-10VDC dimming via presence sensors are the best way to maximise power demand savings and make that payback calculation even more appealing”.

Simx HIPANEL are supplied as ‘plug and play’ with a factory fitted cord-set and fast-fit wire suspensions to make installation a breeze.