Setting the scene for lighting control

Setting the scene for lighting control

Be in control of your lighting environment

Luminous Two connects users directly to their lighting environment: brightness control, the colour of the lamps, programming different (and unlimited) scenes to each room... the versatility and simple operation of this product open the path to a new generation of lighting! 

This is a lighting home automation system without the need to install one, eliminating the associated cost and complexity. LUMINOUS TWO provides all of this for the same cost as standard rotary dimming models.

Why would you be restricted by single colour lighting when every shade of white can be used to change ambience, intensity, or focus depending on the dynamic functionality of your living spaces? If you are studying, reading, sewing, eating, playing, watching TV, partying, or just relaxing, LUMINOUS TWO gives you the freedom to change the room environment you need! And when you set your favourite settings right, all you need to do is save scenes in your App!

LUMINOUS TWO, giving you lighting flexibility at your fingertips.

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