Configurable Systems

Filtered Passive Ventilation

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    • Filtered air inlet for improved indoor air quality
    • Effective filtration of viruses, bacteria and pollen
    • Internationally patented filter from Sweden
    • Pure air circulation to improve air quality
    • Fresh air in - stale, humid air out through bathroom & kitchen extraction
    • Puro inlets provide fresh filtered air from high on bedroom and living area walls
    • Filtered particles captured in Puro’s unique dual layer, electrostatically charged fibres
  • Code Description

    100mm Puro Passive Vent Kit - Through wall round fascia - Continuous Trickle Ventilation
    The Puro kit is designed to ensure a very comfortable
    distribution of filtered incoming air. The airflow is controlled by an
    adjustable front cover, by varying its angle from a bottom hinge point.


    Puro Passive Filter Replacement (Ordered Separately)

    The Puro filter is a new three dimensional filter that provides effective
    filtration of viruses, bacteria and pollen for fresh air into the home.
    Recommended replacement of every 6-12months.

  • Metric Size (mm)ColourOrder Code

    100mm Typhoon Cowl

    Purchased separately as a high quality exterior weatherproof cowl