Door Entry

Wall Mounted Chimes - Wired

  • D182
    Bells and Buzzers Wired
    Bells and Buzzers will sound continuously for as long as the button is pushed.
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  • D845
    Electronic Chimes - Wired
    Elegant, modern design in glass with chrome effect detail.
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  • Mechanical-Chime-Alanta
    Mechanical Chimes - Wired
    Modern design and compact size. 2 note tune ('Ding' and 'Dong').
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  • D3230
    Built In Transformer Chime
    Built in transformer. 2 note tune ('Ding' and 'Dong').
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  • D534
    Wired Chime Accessories
    Accessories for our high quality hardwired door chimes.
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  • E3554SN
    Transformers can be either surface or DIN rail mounted, in either 8V or 12V to suit every push button or chime installation.
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