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Thru Roof Fans with Roof Flashing & Tube

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    • High quality aluminium cowl construction, with fan incorporated, for longevity of operation
    • Includes roof flashing for metal based roofs, an optional lead roof flashing is available for concrete tile roofs
      (DCT0190) at an additional cost
    • Supported by a two year warranty
  • DCT0172_%28small%29
    Metric Size (mm)Fan TypeAirflowPerformance (l/s)Order Code
    150Ctrfgl*Extract153l/s, 550m3/hrFAN0530
    150Ctrfgl 3-spd*Extract153l/s, 550m3/hrFAN0967
    150Axial - WhisperExtract89l/s, 320m3/hrFAN1060
    150AxialExtract75l/s, 270m3/hrFAN0532
    150AxialSupply75l/s, 270m3/hrFAN0534
    150H/D AxialExtract75l/s, 270m3/hrFAN0739
    150H/D Ctrfgl*Extract153l/s, 550m3/hrFAN0740

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