Duct & Grilles

Through Roof Kits

  • roof-cowl-kits
    Thru Roof Fans with Roof Flashing & Tube
    Heavy duty cowl usded in these kits. High quality aluminium cowl construction
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  • DCT0172_%28small%29
    Roof Cowl Kits with Flashing Tube
    General purpose cowl included
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  • angled-roof-cowl
    MANROSEĀ® Angled Roof Cowl Kit
    General purpose through roof kit for smaller applications.
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  • thru-roof-fan-systems
    Thru Roof Fan Kits
    High quality aluminium cowl construction, with fan incorporated, for longevity of operation.
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  • commercial-thru-roof-fan-kits
    Commercial Thru Roof Fan Kits
    Kit comes complete with a ASA polymer plastic cowl construction, with or without fan incorporated,mounting tubes, aquaseal roof flashing & power lead flashing.
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