Fan Accessories

  • Contour_Plenum_with_Fascia
    Configurable Fascia & Duct Connection System
    The new standard in stylish, easy to install, configurable extract fascia systems
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  • FAN2444_1906_%28small%29
    Fan Timers
    Fan timer to continue extracting steam after you leave the room.
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  • Speed-Controller-Faceplate
    Fan Speed Controllers
    A range of speed controllers with variable or 2 speed and reversible options.
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  • UT-M1Angled
    Thermostat Controller
    For the ultimate control in ensuring the comfort of your home.
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  • Heat_Trans_-_DCT4543
    Touch Screen Controller
    High quality, easy to use automated touch screen controller.
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  • FAN6085_UT-H1
    Humidity Sensor
    This model is able to maintain the relative humidity level in a room by controlling a ventilation device.
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  • Transformer-FAN0436
    SELV Fan Transformers
    SELV transformers for low voltage installations.
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  • Fan-Mounting-Bracket
    Fan Mounting Brackets
    These adjustable fan mounting brackets, designed for use with centrifugal fans. Supplied in pairs.
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  • halogen-lamps-infrared-lamps
    Replacement Lamps
    Replacement lamps for Heat-Fan-Light systems
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