Grilles, Diffusers and Ducting


  • unijet-ceiling-diffuser
    Ceiling Diffusers - Round
    Designed to push supply air into the room as shown
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  • DCT1022_50x50
    Ceiling Diffusers - Square
    Designed to push supply air into the room
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  • DCT2634
    SW-2T Swirl Diffusers
    Swirl diffuser with fixed radially arranged air control blades, providing a high induction vortex air flow.
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    One Piece Diffusers
    One piece plaque diffuser in pressed aluminium.
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  • DCT2020_double_deflection
    Double Deflection Wall Diffusers
    Wall diffusers manufactured in high quality aluminium and powder coated white, available with either a fixed or removable core.
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  • Slot_Diffusers
    Slot Diffusers
    Linear ceiling diffuser can be used in T-bar ceiling suspension system & other ceiling types as well.
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