Grilles, Diffusers and Ducting

Duct Fittings

  • Manrose-Solid-Tube-Galv
    Solid Tubes
    Solid tube in galvanised steel, white coated and PVC.
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  • synergy_reducer_new
    Duct Reducers
    Reduce the size of your duct run by using a duct reducer.
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  • duct-joiner
    Duct Joiners
    Use duct joiners when connecting two lengths of duct to prevent the duct from collapsing.
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  • duct-tape-strap
    Duct Tape, Duct Strap and Hanging Strap
    Various tape adhesives, duct straps for 100-150mm diameter duct and hanging straps.
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  • DCT0511
    Inline Backdraught Shutters
    Spring loaded in PVC or metal,to prevent backdraughts in duct runs.
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  • Y-branch
    Y Branches
    Split a duct in two directions with ease.
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  • DCT0091-BTO
    Branch Take Offs (BTO)
    Branch Take Offs split a duct with the ability to create a more and less dominant flow in two directions.
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    Double Branch Take Offs (DBTO)
    Split a duct into three different directions with the use of a Double Branch Take Off.
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  • DCT2617
    Duct Silencers
    Duct Silencers effectively reduce noise in the duct. Two silencers can be used together in installations where noise reduction is a particularly strong requirement.
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  • DCT2015_DCT2016_DCT2017_DCT2018_DCT2019
    Opposed Blade Damper (O.B.D.)
    A damper designed to ensure the regulation of airflow.
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  • DCT1168
    Directional Dampers
    A selection of barrel and t-branch dampers to control airflow.
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  • DCT0993_Cushion_box
    Cushion Boxes
    A range of side entry plastic cushion boxes, designed to fit ducting to grilles with ease, particularly in tight spaces.
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  • DCT0681_DCT0683_Neck_Adapters
    Neck Adapters
    Used to connect duct to face-only grilles, we offer a range of neck adaptors including types with dampers as part of the fitting.
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