Inline Extraction Fans

  • SE_A150_Fan
    Blue Jet EC Fan
    Compact EC Inline Duct Fan - High Pressure Airflow Control
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  • FAN1007_MF200_White
    Mixed Flow Fans
    These powerful inline mixed flow fans have been designed to produce higher working pressures.
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  • FAN0085_Hyper150_EC_Fan_60x60
    Hyper150 EC Axial Fans
    These EC upgrades to existing AC fans will be rolled out from the end of summer.
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  • ID-Fans
    Axial Fans
    With the fan mounted in the ceiling space, these inline models are able to draw steam directly from source.
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  • Simx-Inline-Centrifugal
    Centrifugal 3 Speed Fans
    Suitable for a variety of domestic and commercial applications.
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  • Manrose-FAN0326
    Centrifugal Fans
    High efficiency centrifugal fans are designed for use in situations where longer duct runs are required.
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