Lighting and Sensors


  • LHT0238_Trinity_Black
    Simx - 230V AC
    Motion and Presence detection. Providing energy efficiency, safety and security
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    Simx - Microwave
    Detection through glass and thin walls. Perfect for complex layouts including open plan offices and ablution areas
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  • LHT1138_Defensor_Anthracite
    ESYLUX - 230V AC
    Motion and Presence detection. Including additional HVAC and 1-10VDC dimming for enhanced energy saving capacity. German manufacture
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  • LHT0508_8m_presence_detect
    ESYLUX - Dual Technology
    Combining both PIR and Acoustic sensing, an excellent solution for reliable detection and switching in complex layouts. German manufacture.
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  • LHT0319_RC_230i_White
    ESYLUX - 12-36V AC/DC
    Centralised building management systems (BMS) require compatible components to control light, heating and air conditioning. ESYLUX developed its UC series presence detectors with this in mind. They can be integrated into any building automation system to boost energy efficiency without any compromises.
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  • LHT1066
    Traditional DALI control, for Broadcast and Dual Channel room based applications. Simple planning and installation with the confidence of efficient light control. German Manufacture
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  • ep10427541
    If you're looking to install an intelligent light control system in offices, educational institutions and health facilities, it's impossible to ignore the DALI-2 international industry standard. With the ability to address and control individual lights and lighting groups, it offers users an unparalleled level of flexibility. Its planning and installation functions are also much less complicated than those of conventional lighting systems and users can update the configuration via software without having to update any hardware.
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  • office-6
    Operating on DALI protocols,the ESYLUX ELC system offers simplicity in setup, through plug and play installation. Pre-programmed scenes and daylight harvesting are standard, including higher options of Symbilogic™ Human Centric Lighting . ELC sensors are dedicated for use only with ESYLUX ELC systems
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  • LHT0507
    KNX enabled sensors for complete building control. As a member of the KNX Association, ESYLUX produces KNX-certified products and is also a certified KNX training centre, thus making an active contribution to further educating its customers. ESYLUX also benefits from the expertise of its trained and certified KNX partners during the product development process.
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