Grilles, Diffusers and Ducting

Ducting Kits

  • roof_ducting_example_image_louvre.png
    MANROSE® Ducting Kits - Heat/Fan/Light Units
    Thru roof & soffit kits for ducting 220mm-250mm heat/fan/light unit models
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  • dryer-ducting-kits
    MANROSE® Dryer Ducting Kit - Rear Vent Thru Wall
    This ducting kit is designed for inverted and wall mounted dryers.
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  • DCT2101
    Pro-Series Extension Kit
    This extension kit is designed to extend your heat transfer system to additional rooms.
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  • duct-kit
    MANROSE® Ducting Kits - For Open Back Fans
    Thru soffit & roof kits for ducting 300mm-340mm fans.
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