Grilles, Diffusers and Ducting


  • Manrose-VFLEX-Insulated-R.0
    UNILOK™ Flexible Ducting
    Flexible Ducting in both Nude and Insulated (R0.6, R1.0 and R1.5) options. Fully complies to AS4254 (2012) & AS1530 Pt3 and NZ Building Code.
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  • Manrose-UNILOK-R1-R0.6
    UNILOK™ Acoustic Ducting
    UNILOK™ FR1 Acoustic Ducting is a flexible duct manufactured tough and whisper quiet for consumer and installer peace of mind.
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  • Manrose-Unilok-Quadroflex
    UNILOK™ Quadroflex Ducting
    Quadroflex has been specifically designed to fit into small spaces and is available in nude, insulated and acoustic.
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  • V-flex_web
    V-Flex Flexible Ducting
    Flexible ducting - nude and insulated options. Fully complies to AS4254 (2012).
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  • Manrose-VFLEX-Insulated-R.0
    COMFLEX™ Premium Ducting
    Flexible Ducting - Nude and Insulated options. Fully complies to AS1530 PT3 and relevant clauses of the NZ building code.
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  • Manrose-Aluduct
    Aluduct Ducting
    Flexible Ducting - nude and insulated options.
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  • Manrose-Semi-Rigid-Duct
    Semi Rigid Ducting
    Semi-rigid aluminium ducting is a lightweight, flexible but strong corrugated aluminium duct. It is spiral wound with a unique interlocked and knotted continuous seam.
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  • Manrose-PVC-Duct
    MANROSE® PVC Flexible Ducting
    PVC Flexible Duct is a product that is extremely versatile in the ventilation industry. It doesn’t rot, is non-collapsing and is fire resistant.
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  • Manrose-Low-Profile-Flat-Channel
    MANROSE® Low Profile Ducting
    Low profile ducting enables it to be concealed when installed along the top of wall units.
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  • Manrose-Solid-Tube-Galv
    MANROSE® Solid Tube
    Solid Tube in Galvanised - steel, white coated and PVC.
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  • Smart8
    SMARTDUCT™ Ducting
    SmartDuct is a revolutionary way to duct. It is based on unique construction and installation procedures.
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