Lighting and Sensors


  • sensor
    Esylux 230V AC Sensors
    Esylux offers specially developed product solutions in the 230V range for all common applications, both inside and outside buildings, that will suit even the most complex conditions.
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  • knx
    Esylux KNX
    In the increasingly complex world of building automation, standards ensure a minimum degree of compatibility and stability when combining different technologies.
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  • dali
    Esylux DALI
    DALI is more than just a standard, it is the protocol for the future: DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is used for simple, flexible control of LED lighting and fluorescent lighting with digital signals.
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  • sensor
    Esylux 12-36V AC/DC Sensors
    Compatibility is the be-all and end-all in modern building automation.
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  • Smart-Sense-180-Black-Wall
    Smart Sense 180° Sensor
    PIR sensor. Proven, reliable sensor with a large accessible wiring box.
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  • IP55-Trinity-Wht
    Trinity 180° PIR Sensor
    Suits environments up to IP55. Scanning LED with PIR motion detector.
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  • Smart-Sense-Flush-Mount
    Smart Sense 360° Flush Mount PIR Sensor
    Low profile, flush mounted sensor for soffit or internal mounting.
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  • Smart-Sense-360-Dual-Sensor
    Smart Sense 360° Dual Mount PIR Sensor
    Triple PIR for extra wide detection. Occupancy detection high/low sensing zones.
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  • Microsense-360-Sensor
    Micro Sense 360° Microwave Sensor
    Optimised motion detection sensor, perfect for open plan offices.
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