Lighting and Sensors

Residential Lighting

  • elyx
    Esylux ALVA Wall Lights
    High quality German construction and supplied with or without integral PIR, these lights make a strong impact on any wall..
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  • OFR
    Esylux OFR/AFR Floodlights
    Non dazzling light thanks to rear projection technology. European design at its best.
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  • el10830006_ALVA_UP_DOWN_BLACK
    Esylux ALVA Up-Down Lights
    These lights create a fascinating effect on all building facades. Give buildings that final touch of flair.
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  • el10710117_OL200_BLACK
    Esylux OL/AOL Series Wall Lights
    Extremely attractive yet glare free decorative wall lights for the discerning home
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  • Alva_Bollard
    Esylux ALVA Bollards
    Impressively demonstrates how solid outdoor lighting can have a modern edge. Many options to select from.
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  • Maxi_Washer_Black_02
    Maxi Washers
    Maxi washers are very suitable for outdoor use offering an excellent low level pathway and entrance solution
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  • LHT1057_1907_Eco_Spot_Select_Twin_White-Colorfixed
    LED Eco Spot Select Spots
    150° degrees for each lamp. Colour selectable to suit
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  • LHT0251_LED_Washer_Hrztnl_Blk
    LED Washers
    LED washers are designed to provide navigation and effect lighting to both domestic and commercial exterior locations.
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  • Trinity-LED-Twinspot-White
    Trinity LED Twin Spots
    Trinity Twin Spot, sporting a high output, wide beam spread, and improved aiming flexibility, with all the features the Trinity range is famous for - scrolling LEDs, easy installation, European styling and of course, the on-going reliability.
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  • LHT0214_cut
    Flood LED
    Suitable for most commercial and industrial floodlighting applications, the 110° beam precision optics offer wide spacing. Optimised thermal fins provide a customised heat dissipation solution to maximise LED lamp life, saving on running costs and maintenance.
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  • LED-Eco-Spot
    LED Eco Spots PIR
    CREE LED lamps with extra wide coverage of 120° degrees for each lamp. Warm white LED colour to suit domestic applications.
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  • Reflect-LED-30W-White
    Reflect LED
    Unique rear-projection technology brings a new standard to floodlighting, using a high polished reflector to maximise light yield.
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  • LHT0246-Ecospot-Spotlight
    LED Eco Spots
    CREE LED lamps with extra wide coverage of 120° degrees for each lamp. Warm white LED colour to suit domestic applications.
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  • Mightylite-PIR-Black
    SunSynk MightyLite LED Perimeter Floodlights
    New generation security lighting, suitable for commercial and domestic applications. Slender compact design with energy efficient LEDs in PIR and non PIR models
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  • Eco-Twin-Spot-White
    Eco Spot Sensor Lights
    High quality reliable sensor. All stainless steel screws - no rusting. Ceramic lampholder.
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  • MightyLite-Solar-Kit
    SunSynk MightyLite Solar
    A compact off-grid floodlight system that gives you full control over a wide range of lighting settings. The system also monitors battery charge level to determine what it can do in providing light all night.
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