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Weatherproof Cowls

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    • High quality weatherproof cowls in designer stainless steel or white plastic.
    • Cowls available with flap & mesh and mesh only options
    • Select options for general weatherproof use or adverse weather conditions
    • Stainless steel manufactured from 304 grade 
    • 150mm Black Grille Selections
    • Check out flyer below for the new Pre-primed Cowl Selections
  • Designer Series Weatherproof Cowl
    Metric Size (mm)DescriptionOrder Code
    100Stainless with Mesh & FlapDCT3614
    125Stainless with Mesh & FlapDCT3615
    150Stainless with Mesh & FlapDCT3616
    100Stainless with Mesh onlyDCT3617
    125Stainless with Mesh onlyDCT3618
    150Stainless with Mesh onlyDCT3611
    200Stainless with Mesh onlyDCT4350

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  • Weatherproof Cowl - Plastic
    Metric Size (mm)DescriptionOrder Code
    100mmWhite with Bird Mesh & FlapDCT0018
    100mmBrown with Bird Mesh & FlapDCT0019
    125mmWhite with Bird Mesh & FlapDCT1030
    150mmWhite with Bird Mesh & FlapDCT1031
    150mmWhite with Aluminium Fixed LouvreDCT1995
    150mmBlack with Bird Mesh & FlapDCT4261

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  • Pre-primed Exterior Weatherproof Cowl - Plastic
    Pre-Primed_Cowl_00 Click to zoom
    Metric Size (mm)DescriptionOrder Code

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    Recommended Preparation and Application

    Product is pre-treated with a high quality primer and it is recommended that a waterborne low sheen paint, such as Resene Lumbersider, is used.

    • Sand with P400-P500 before a top coat is applied.
    • Apply two coats (if necessary) allowing, at least, two hours between coats.
    • Do not apply at temperatures below 10ºC or when temperature is liable to drop below 10ºC during the drying period.
  • Optional Inserts
    Metric Size (mm)DescriptionOrder Code
    100mmInsect MeshDCT0371
    125mmInsect MeshDCT0208
    150mmInsect MeshDCT0207
    200-250mmInsect MeshDCT0373
    150mmBird MeshDCT2263
    150mmAluminium Fixed LouvreDCT2599

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    DCT2599 Aluminium Fixed Louvre insert is included in the 150mm DCT1995 and is intended for use in high wind areas.