ESYLUX Ceiling Lights

ESYLUX Ceiling lights

Exceptional Light Quality for universal use!

With the NOVA and CELINE Quadro sets, ESYLUX offers intelligent lighting systems for workplace lighting in office buildings, educational institutions and healthcare facilities. They consist of LED recessed ceiling lights, presence and light sensors and the ESYLUX Light Control (ELC) control unit. They can be scaled extensively for even the largest spaces and create true added value with their high light quality.

The presence sensors minimise energy consumption by automatically limiting the action of the lights to times when people are present. Furthermore, the system ensures the energy-efficient use of daylight – in the highest configuration level, with biologically effective SymbiLogic Technology light that improves fundamentally quality of life at the workplace.

All Quadro sets can be installed in record time via plug and play using the supplied Cat5e cables, and operated using the DALI or 230V switch, remote control, Bluetooth, or directly via KNX.

To ensure that its customers can benefit from the high light quality of the lights in other configurations too, ESYLUX also offers these as an individual version – from simple switching operation or 1 - 10 V dimming, to digital DALI networking.

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