Don’t waste excess heat

Don’t waste excess heat

If your lounge is warm & comfortable but the rest of the house remains cold, then this is the system you need! By transferring any excess heat you are able to reduce the chill off the air in bedrooms, creating a warmer, more comfortable environment throughout the home.

The only system on the market to include acoustic insulated ducting, Heat Trans achieves maximum heat retention with minimum air transfer noise.

Available as 1, 2 and 3 room kits, complete with fan, ducting, diffusers & thermostat controller

Automated control

Automated touch screen technology gives effortless control of your Heat Trans system, with a clear large screen displaying the ‘heat source’ room temperature. The system automatically adjusts the fan speed to achieve your preferred temperature by transferring the excess heat to other rooms in your home.

With the Timer function, set the system to turn off when you choose and use the HOT/COOL modes for year round use, if the optional extra Summer Feature has been installed.

Summer feature

The Summer-Vent Extension Kit draws cool air from an inlet grille in the soffit through a high efficiency F7 filter and circulates the fresher air around the home, via the existing Heat Trans ducting/outlets.

Note: When Summer Feature is active, a damper closes the lounge/heat source room inlet. 

Extension kit

The Pro-Series Additional Outlet Kit is designed to extend your standard three room Heat Trans system so you can distribute warm air to an extra room within your home. By adding additional outlet/s to your system you are able to divide the available heated air amongst more rooms.