Esylux Defensor Motion Detector

Esylux Defensor Motion Detector

The launch of the new DEFENSOR series of outdoor motion detectors sees ESYLUX expand its range of intelligent lighting control optionto focus even more on operational safety. Time-dependent operating modes, intelligent vandalism and sabotage protection functions, and switch-off delay times based on motion direction detection are some of the excellent safety features along with high overload protection and password protection against unauthorised parameterisation. The series also includes DEFENSOR twilight switches.


Sensor-based outdoor lighting control not only increases energy efficiency and convenience but it also improves safety around a building. This is why the outdoor motion detectors and twilight switches in the new DEFENSOR series from ESYLUX were designed with safety in mind.


Time-dependent operating modes for flexible control

The motion detectors are available with detection angles of 280° or 230°. These two sensor options have an internal clock, allowing them to deviate from the standard set operating mode during two time windows within a 24-hour period. The lighting modes available include fully automatic, semi-automatic, twilight switch mode and targeted on or off of the lighting. These modes deliver greater control flexibility and can improve safety or energy efficiency, depending on how the modes are used.


Vandalism and sabotage protection plus individual switch-off delay times

The sensors have pivoting sensor heads that allow ceiling and wall mounting. They also feature intelligent vandalism and sabotage protection: The light switches on if the sensor head is subjected to any forceful impact, thus keeping the spotlight firmly on the perpetrator. These sensors can also detect whether someone passes the detector from the right or from the left, or whether someone moves underneath the detector and is therefore entering or leaving the creep protection area. A switch-off delay time can be set for each of these four directions to improve safety and energy efficiency.

The entire DEFENSOR series benefits from a number of enhanced protective measures: A personal password prevents unauthorised parameterisation, the devices offer IK07 impact resistance plus IP55 protection, and the overload protection fully exceeds the standard minimum requirements. The integrated push button input allows the user to manually switch on the light from inside the building to temporarily light up the area outside. Zero-cross switching protects the relay when LED lights are operated.


Twilight Switch with time-dependent operating modes

The DEFENSOR range also includes two twilight switches. As their name suggests, the twilight switches switch the lighting ON when dusk begins to fall and only switch it OFF again the next morning once there is sufficient daylight. The timer option has an internal clock and two time windows in which it can switch the light ON or OFF regardless of the amount of daylight. This feature helps to reduce light pollution at night.


All of the devices in the series are delivered with default settings and are ready for immediate use. The housing has been purposely designed without setting controls to prevent unauthorised manipulation. Instead, the parameters can be adjusted easily using the ESY-Pen and ESY-App. This app allows users to adjust settings such as the detection sensitivity in several zones covered. The ESY-Pen and the ESY-App also allow the parameter settings to be stored and accessed on the go, and applied to similar products (referred to as cloning). A PDF report function allows project details to be documented.