Like living in a goldfish bowl

Like living in a goldfish bowl

Like living in a goldfish bowl. 

It’s fair to say that most of us have tried to keep pet fish at some point. It turns out that for a low maintenance pet, fish can be a lot of effort to keep. But cleaning their tanks and filtering water is essential to keep them healthy, after all, it’s how they breathe.
So why is ventilation in our homes any different?
As our homes are made more airtight, they become more like goldfish bowls. Much like how water doesn’t magically clean itself inside a fish tank, you need to actively ventilate your home to keep it clean and healthy. There are three main types of ventilation you can use to ‘clean your goldfish bowl’: natural, intermittent, and continuous.

Natural ventilation involves opening windows and doors to create airflow, a bit like manually cleaning your goldfish bowl. As we probably all know, this is very easy to forget about and ends up being more work than you think. Sometimes there are also valid reasons to not want to open your windows, such as security (stopping any prying paws), temperature, or noise, meaning it cannot reliably ventilate your home. 

Intermittent ventilation is like only turning the filter on when feeding your fish. This traditional style of extraction ventilation is currently a legislated option, but it has flaws. This form of ventilation still requires you to remember to turn it on and is also generally too expensive, powerful, and noisy for constant use. It’s also too easy to not leave it on for long enough to properly remove airborne moisture.  

Continuous ventilation is like an advanced filter that is cheap to run 24/7 and can still boost when needed, keeping your fish healthy and happy always. Because it’s constantly running, it doesn’t matter if you forget about it, ensuring a much better average indoor air quality. The continuous negative pressure ensures effective contaminant removal, and the efficiently designed continuous fans are often much quieter than their intermittent counterparts, something that your surprisingly sharp-eared goldfish will thank you for. Research shows that windows and intermittent ventilation are insufficient for maintaining a healthy environment that’s why as homes become more airtight, Kiwis will demand continuous ventilation solutions. 

What options do you have?

Manrose has several continuous extraction ventilation solutions. For single rooms, the Genius and EC Contour fans are designed for quiet, energy-efficient 24/7 continuous use. They are ideal for extraction from a single wet room, like a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry with their variable speed options during high humidity events. 

If you’re looking for a whole house extraction solution, look no further than the Vent-Axia MultiVent. MultiVent is a cost effective and fully featured continuous extraction ventilation system. This system combines continuous trickle extraction with high boost levels using humidity sensed automation to deliver better indoor air quality.

Because continuous extraction creates negative pressure, passive air inlet vents can be used with any continuous extraction fan to bring fresh air inside for whole home ventilation. Manrose has a collection of passive vents, such as the filtered Puro, acoustically damped Calma, and Aria with knockouts for minimum closure applications. 

Alternative home ventilation systems can also be considered depending on the climate and type of home. Simx can help you find the right solution.

Remember: build tight and ventilate right, because no-one likes a sick goldfish.