MANROSE Hand Dryers

MANROSE Hand Dryers

Manrose new range of Hygienic Hand Dryers offers exactly that. Improved hygiene by cleaning the air that travels through the hand dryer before it dries your hands. And they dry them fast. Makes sense really.

Selected models include HEPA filtration and UV-C sterilisation to aid in removing pollen, moulds and bacteria, pathogens and micro-organisms from the outgoing air.

Surface microbial coatings on each unit are included to eliminate chances of bacteria growth and transfer on the housing surfaces.

Selected models also offer Speed and Sound control. At times, ablution environments are rather un-acoustic. Adjusting speed reduces decibel noise, improving the drying experience, and providing some of the quietest hand dryers available. They also offer the ability to switch off the heater element in warmer months, offering immediate energy savings.

With a range of aesthetics and colours to suit most bathroom decors, and plenty of healthy benefits check out the new range here