The Power to Control

The Power to Control

The Manrose Genius is the new generation of unitary fans.

Following installation home owners automatically have a ventilation system offering a wide range of standard default operating settings.

The big advantage with Genius is, however, that home owners now also have the option to easily customise any settings, via an intuitive App, to best suit their particular indoor air control requirements at any time. For example, should the initial humidity setting be too sensitive, the home owner can simply log on to the Simx Connect App and change the setting themselves.

With the Simx Connect App providing home owners with full control of the fan’s operational flexibility, unwanted and costly post installation service calls for fan resetting are a thing of the past.

Simx Connect App (click here)


For electricians, installation is also made simple through the Simx Connect App with their initial set up options being:

• intermittent or continuous ventilation
• humidistat triggered operation or not
• overrun timer required or not

No more fiddly switches and jumpers to worry about!