Time to Clear the Air!

Time to Clear the Air!

Whether you have a large or small bathroom, ensuite or separate shower room it is important to remove steam or it will very quickly create mould & mildew on ceilings, sills and walls.  And in winter that bathroom will feel extra cold and damp.


The right fan can effectively remove steam while you are in the shower but what happens when you leave the room. If you are someone who likes to go get dressed in your own room, then chances are you have switched off the lights & fan as you leave.

The majority of steam and moisture is usually still present in the air.
It needs to be exhausted – and it is not always comfortable or safe to leave the  window open. The right solution is a fan timer that will continue to run the extraction fan after you have left the room & switched off the lights.



Fan timers operate the extractor fan in increments based on how long you have been in the room. If you take a long shower there will be more steam…the timer keeps the fan on for longer. Take a quick 5 minute shower and the timer remains on for a shorter period. And if you only popped in to check your hair or wash your hands – fan timers have a very convenient delayed start so the fan does not switch on unnecessarily.



If you have an existing fan look for the Manrose Fixed-Air Timer, or the Simx Fully Adjustable Timer. Both are in the green & yellow blister packs.

Manrose also offers a range of high quality fans that include a timer. With durable ball bearing motors the longevity of operation is supported by a five-year warranty. And with new improved engineering the performance of many 150mm fans is increased to 109l/s (394mhr) a quiet 38dB and a low 27 Watts – offering you the best of timed ventilation for your bathroom.