Continuous Mechanical Ventilation solution for Healthy Homes

Continuous Mechanical Ventilation solution for Healthy Homes

The focus on extraction and ventilation with the emphasis on negative pressure, has been a key theme for the fight at reducing the spread of harmful viruses in homes, and buildings.

Negative pressure is generated by continuously extracting air out of a room with replacement air through controlled small gaps, keeping the room as airtight as possible. Modern homes are significantly more airtight than older homes, making extraction and ventilation essential for creating a healthy home environment.


Multivent & Puro

MultiVent continuous extract ventilation (FAN7200) is an innovative centralised fan and duct system that continuously extracts stale air from the home creating negative pressure. It is especially effective when combined with the Manrose Puro Filtered Vent Kit (DCT4565), which introduces clear filtered air into bedrooms and living areas. 

The 3-room centralised extraction system is ideal for apartments and townhouses, and delivers a compact continuous ventilation solution with humidity sensed boost automation. The powerful EC motor and centrifugal fan has a sophisticated configurable control system in an ultra-quiet and energy-efficient package. 

Additionally, MultiVent is BRANZ Appraised and designed for G4 Building Code and Healthy Homes Standards. 

The ideal solution for maintaining a safe and healthy home environment.