Recycled Grey Material for Our Ducting System

Recycled Grey Material for Our Ducting System

With our continued drive towards improving indoor air quality sustainably, we are delighted to inform you that we have sourced a grey recycled material for our 204x60mm ducting connectors, which now join the ducting lengths, moving them from a white to a grey colour.

We previously informed you that our ducting lengths would move to sustainable grey material. By using recycled grey material for our ducting system, building owners and contractors are reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and conserving natural resources. The use of recycled material also reduces the carbon footprint of the ventilation system, as it requires less energy to produce compared to virgin materials.

The grey recycled material comes from a reliable recycled source and only affects the colour of the ducting components. It will not change the function or performance or affect the form or fit of the product in any way and importantly help reduce the environmental footprint.

We will move all sized ducting connector products to be produced out of the grey material as these are generally situated behind finished surfaces are and not seen in the final installation. Production of grey ducting connectors will commence shortly, and components will then roll into our stock.

Whilst we will look to maintain the shade of colour of Grey across our straight lengths of round, rectangular lengths and components listed below, by the nature of adopting a recycled plastic the colour and shade may vary with time.

These changes have been enabled through significant investment in our extrusion and moulding capability to deliver on our sustainability goals. These investments have also dramatically increased the capacity in our factories to produce our ducting products, a reflection of the growing demand for our recycled material.

We look forward to helping you take a step towards a greener future while improving indoor air quality, sustainably.

   Product already in recycled grey   

DCT0013 – 110x54mm Low Profile Duct 1.5m

DCT0519 – 204x60mm Low Profile Duct 1.5m

DCT1443 – 220x90mm Low Profile Duct 1.5m

DCT1460 – 300x25mm Low Profile Duct 1.5m


Product to start rolling change to recycled grey

DCT0520 - 204x60mm Flat Channel Connector

DCT0524 - 204x60mm Horizontal 90° bend

DCT0525 - 204x60mm Vertical 90° Bend

DCT0521 - 204x60mm Elbow Bend 100mm to Rectangular

DCT0522 - 204x60mm Elbow Bend 125mm to Rectangular

DCT0523 - 204x60mm Elbow Bend 150mm to Rectangular

DCT1114 - 204x60mm Horizontal T

DCT0526 - 204x60mm Round 125mm to Rectangular Adaptor