Introducing the new every day PIR sensors from SIMX Lighting, Trinity PRO and Smart Sense PRO, sporting many more features than you would expect from a humble exterior sensor.

Featuring the ability to disable PIR function and perform solely as a daylight switch allows the PRO series to be more than just a sensor. Additionally, Pulse Mode allows connection to a separate timer to enable other electrical activations. On top of all that we have packed zero-cross switching on board as well, which protects the relay from high in-rush currents, ensuring a much longer product life.

Trinity PRO exclusive features include a scrolling Red LED, to act as a deterrent for would-be prowlers, Holiday mode to fool them further, and additionally a Sensitivity adjustment to help manage detection zones.

Installation for all models is even easier with the Dusk Learn function to set to actual light levels rather than guessing the setting, and even a holder for hands-free installation to both ceiling and wall locations.

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