Create some breathing space

Create some breathing space

Advanced Air Purification for your home

The Vent-Axia PureAir Room 260 is an advanced multi stage air cleaning system which removes harmful particles and neutralises bad smells, purifying the air you and your family breathe for a fresher and healthier indoor environment.


We spend more than 90% of our time indoors breathing up to 50 times more polluted air than outdoors which may contain over 900 chemicals, particulate and biological materials. Each of us breaths around 9000 litres of air each day and poor indoor air quality effects the health of everyone in your home.


The Vent-Axia PureAir Room 260 provides a safe space for people suffering from allergies or who want to be sure they are not breathing in harmful pollutants and improving their indoor air quality, your health and well-being.

This easy to use, portable unit is delivered ready to use, with simple operation with settings including Timer and Sleep modes. Or use the App for easy control while you are remote from your home. Additional to purifying air in your home through the 6 stage filtration system, an ioniser can also be activated to negatively charge air improving overall air quality even further.

PureAir Room from Vent-Axia, delivering healthy air, sustainably . Find out more