The Best Choice

The Best Choice

EECA research has found that for best moisture removal performance, look for a system that considers both temperature and humidity of the supply air and inside the house to control the system.

Only SmartVent offer these recommended temperature & humidity features in both Positive Pressure and Energy Recovery systems.


These advances are part of what makes SmartVent the best choice in home ventilation.
Add to that the Evolve wi-fi capable control systems, genuine SmartVent filters and clever upgrades and you have the foundation of a high quality, 5 year warrantied ventilation system that will effectively reduce condensation and improve air quality in the home.




To maintain optimal performance of a ventilation system, filters will require changing.SmartVent genuine filters are custom made to fit the existing duct & frame for easy changing. And as the seasons shift SmartVent have clever upgrades available to extend and enhance a new or existing system – including heat transfer for winter and a summer feature for circulating fresh air.​



SmartVent are very pleased to be able to present a series of self-help tutorial videos on our new website, including one of the most commonly asked questions – How do I change my filter? Filter change and Filter Reset for wall controller & tablet are included as well as handy videos on Recommended Winter settings, How to connect your Evolve Tablet and more.